About the project

Waste to fuel project focuses on the use of effective process control minimizing chlorine emissions and catalytic material development for the application during energy production from waste.

Results of the proposed research contribute significantly to the development and optimization of a new class of nanomaterials, with superior performance, thermal stability, and reliable costs compared to currently available catalysts. Although the project covers some basic research, its successful completion will permit easy design, fabrication, and commercialization of a new class of catalytic devices for alternative fuels synthesis. A positive outcome from the proposed Project has the potential to strongly influence the field of clean energy production, nanoengineering, and environmental protection. Understanding the surface composition, chemical, electronic, and morphological catalyst active phase changes under reaction conditions is of major importance in optimizing the biofuel conversion process, minimizing emissions, and better waste management. The introduction of technologies for efficient alternative fuel conversion or exhaust abatement is expected to result in the highest environmental and societal benefits, enhancing life’s quality.


POWROTY Project No. POWROTY/2016 – 1/5

Waste into fuel - catalyst and process development for waste biomass valorization

Project leader: Dr Eng. Izabela S.Pieta

Project value: PLN 800 000

The project is realized within the POWROTY programme of Foundation for Polish Science, cofinanced by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.